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Our Best Price Guarantee

Photographic Painting provides the highest quality painting with the most competitive prices. We are so sure that our prices are extremely affordable. We guarantee that our quotes will beat or match any other service quotes that our customers receive from reputable competitors within our industry.

If you have received a quote from another painting company that beats or matches our service quote, please take note of the following:

1. Forward us the competitor's quote immediately! It should be supplied on the competitor's form or letterhead, and be dated within 1 month of the quote supplied to you by Photographic Painting.

2. Quotes supplied must be comparable, meaning: for similar services. That is an "apples for apples" quote with respect to painting type, size and number of figures.

3. The quote must come from a reputable company such as PaintYourlife & PortaitPainting.

Prices and Sizes

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