Frequently Asked Questions

Which styles of paintings do you offer for me?
We can paint any of  your favorite photos into perfect oil paintings, watercolour paintings, pastel drawing, crayon or pencil sketch, please tell us which style you prefer to.

Are your paintings 100% hand painted?
All our paintings are completely hand painted by a real artist from scratch – nothing but a blank canvas, top quality oil paints and materials. We do NOT use any computer generated or digital techniques.
Can you merge two or more photos into a single painting? 
Yes, we can do it. Please see our Free Photo Editing offer.

Can you remove the background of photos? 
Yes, we can do it.  We can eliminate background and subjects as your instructions without any additional charge. Please see our Free Photo Editing offer

Can you add other background to my painting? 
Yes, we can do it.  Just send us a background picture of your preference and we can merge it into the painting as your instructions. Please see our Free Photo Editing offer

Can you remove a subject from photo? 
Yes! Please see our Free Photo Editing offer.

Can you paint if my photo is blurred and not quite clear to see? 
It will depend on how clear it is. The facial features need to be clear enough for us to paint to look like the subject. If it is blurred badly, we might not be able to paint it. Please send us your photo to evaluation.

How can I send my photo to you? 
Please click here

What format should it be when i send you digital iamges of my photos? 
Any file format such as .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff. is available. 

What is the best photo to use? 
As clear as possible, no matter how big the file is. The better the image is, the better reference our artist will have to create your painting. For best results, please make sure that your photograph meets the following criteria.
The photo clearly shows each subject's face. Features such as eye color and hair color and style should be visible.
The photo is in clear focus and the main subjects are not shadowed.
The photo is at the highest resolution possible.
The photo size is as large as possible.
If you are uncertain of the quality of the photo we recommend you send it to us for evaluation. Two or three reference photos can also help us get exactly the right details.

Do you artists sign my paintings?
It is up to you. 

Can I check the painting out before it is shipped to me? 
Yes, your painting won’t be shipped until we get your final approval. After finishing, we will take a quick photo and send it to you by email,  you give us comments on how we should make changes to meet your expectation. We will make as many revisions as it takes to make you are 100% happy with it before shipping it out.

How many times can I request revisions on my painting? 
Unlimited. As many times as you feel necessary until you are 100% happy with it.

What about shipping costs and how long will my painting be shipped to me?
It depends on the finished weight of your order.  We will ship your package by express company. Such as DHl, TNT, UPS, EMS and so on. Usually 5-6 business days to your door. It is the fastest way.

What payment methods do you accept? 
PayPal allows you to pay with any credit card you can think of. If you have no paypal account, we also accept Bank Transfer, Moneybookers, Western Union, BTS and so on.  

I'm nervous about online shopping. How am I protected from any type of fraud? 
Shopping at is 100% safe. Our checkout system uses a strong 128-bit SSL connection to protect your sensitive information such as credit card details. Additionally, buyers paying by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal enjoy several fraud protection services from their respective issuers.  

I have a retail store and I'd like to offer this service to my customers, what should I do? 
If you want to Wholesale portrait from photograph. Please contact us, uou will get a very good discount. We guarantee price is the best. Our successful partners include catalog and mail order companies, retail chains, photographers, photo processing labs, custom framing stores, fine art galleries, and gift stores.  

My question isn't answered on this page, what should I do? 
Please email Contact Us.

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